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In 1984, Blanca Facundo wrote a critique of Freire's ideas and her own experience using his methods in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Her Critique is a strong dissenting view of a largely uncritical admiration for Friere's work. Even in 2002 it is worth to look for this discussion (Facundo-Mackie-Ohlinger):

Freire Inspired Programs in the United States and Puerto Rico: A Critical Evaluation

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  • Brian Martin: Editor's Introduction (Debate 01)
  • Robert Mackie: Confusion and Despair: Blanca Facundo on Paulo Freire (Debate 02)
  • Blanca Facundo: Freire Inspired Programs in the United States and Puerto Rico: A Critical Evaluation (Debate 03)
  • Blanca Facundo: Who is Paulo Freire? (Debate 04/ 04a)
  • Blanca Facundo: How is Freire Seen in the United States? (Debate 05/ 05a)
  • Blanca Facundo: Who Are We? (Debate 06)
  • Blanca Facundo: What Did We Do? (Debate 07)
  • Blanca Facundo: Working the System (Debate 08)
  • Blanca Facundo: Evaluation and Transformation (Debate 09)
  • Blanca Facundo: The Lessons of Guinea-Bissau (Debate 10)
  • Blanca Facundo: Summary and Conclusion (Debate 11)
  • Blanca Facundo: A Reaction to a Reaction (Debate 12)
  • Extract from "Alternativas", Vol 2, Numbers 3-8, 1984 (Debate 13/ 13a)


  • John Ohlinger: Critical Views of Paulo Freire's Work (Ohlinger 01)
  • John Ohlinger: Taking Freire and Illich Serously or Icons and Pariahs (Ohlinger 02)


  • Tom Heany: Issues in Freirean Pedagogy (Key 01)
  • Mark K. Smith: Colonialism and Post-Colonialism (Key 02)
  • Mark K. Smith: Community Education (Key 03)
  • Mark K. Smith: Conscientization (Key 04)
  • Mark K. Smith: Dialog and Conversation (Key 05)
  • Mark K. Smith: Literacy (Key 06)
  • Organizing Strategies: Popular Education (Key 07)

Fritze (UK):


  • Michael Boucher: Building Teacher-Student Solidarity in a More Democratic Classroom (Teaching 01)
  • Michael Boucher: (Chapter 2) (Teaching 02)
  • Michael Boucher: The Reflective Process (Teaching 03)
  • Michael Boucher: What Process and Ingredients have made my Classroom more Democratic? (Teaching 04)
  • Michael Boucher: Questions for Further Research (Teaching 05)


  • The Grenadian Literacy Project - Freire in Practice (Var 01)
  • Paulo Freire and Augusto Boal Visiting the University of Northern Iowa (Var 02)
  • Tony Hearn: Paulo Freire, a Catholic Mystic (Var 03)
  • Norma Decker Collins: Teaching Critical Reading through Literature (Var 04)
  • David Bartholomae and Andrew Petrosky: The "Banking" Concept of Education (Var 05)
  • Peter McLaren: Cultural Foundations of Education (Var 06)
  • The Methods of Peacemaking Course at Earlham College (Var 07)
  • Patricio Navia: Paulo Freire en Chicago (Var 08)
  • Moacir Gadotti and Carlos Alberto Torres: Paulo Freire 1921-1997 (Var 09)
  • Paulo Freire International Community Service Grant Program (Var 10)
  • Stanley F. Steiner and H. Mark Krank: Critical Theory: The Pedagog of "True Words" (Var 11)
  • Joy Peyton and Jo-Ann Crandall: Freirean/ Participatory Approaches (Var 12)
  • Luiz A. Lobo: Feature-Information for Iowa Public Television (Var 13)
  • Speakers Worldwide: Paulo Freire (Var 14)
  • Instituto Paulo Freire: Forward (Var 15)
  • Instituto Paulo Freire: Justification (Var 16)
  • Instituto Paulo Freire: Goals (Var 17)
  • Gregory K. Hutchins: Educating the Idividual or the Collective? (Var 18)
  • Cetlalic's Adaptation of Freire's Philosophy (Var 19)
  • Some Biographical Information on Paulo Freire (Var 20)
  • The American Red Cross Hispanic HIV/AIDS Program (Var 21)
  • The Promethean Literacy (thesis) (Var 22)
  • Thinkers: Paulo Freire (Var 23)
  • Heinz-Peter Gerhardt: Paulo Freire (1921-1997) (Var 24)
  • Christoph Wagner: Literacy as Liberating Education (Var 25)

In Memoriam

  • Hermán S. Garcia: Knowledge is Never Neutral (Tri 30)
  • Peter Mayo and Carmel Borg: Making Sense of Freire in the Maltese Context (Tri 42)
  • George C. Stoney: Remembering Paulo (Tri 67)
  • Sharon Switzer: Family Literacy Program (Tri 69)
  • People You Should Know: Paulo Freire (Nach 02)
  • Mark K. Smith: Paulo Freire (Nach 03)
  • UNESCO Executive Board Pays Tribute to Paulo Freire (Nach 04)
  • Harvard Education Forum: Honoring Paulo Freire (Nach 06)
  • Rich Gibson: In Memory Paulo Freire (Nach 07)
  • Eric Pace (New York Times): Paulo Freire, Brazilian Educator (Nach 08)
  • Paulo Freire Dies, his Work Continues (Nach 10)
  • Ciao Paulo (Nach 11)
  • Moacir Gadotti: Tribut to Paulo Freire (Nach 13)
  • Moacir Gadotti and Carlos Alberto Torres: Paulo Freire - a Homage (Nach 14)

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